5 Best Hair Supplements for Hair Growth

We all want stronger, healthier hair. We spend time searching for the best shampoos, conditioners, masks and treatments, working them into our routines and waiting for results- but what if the key to truly healthy hair lay beyond our hair care routine and actually sat within our inner health rituals?

Natural hair supplements, rich in ingredients like biotin, vitamin B12 and amino acids, allow us to deliver the vitamins necessary for healthier hair direct to our bodies and, in turn, our hair follicles, rather than simply applying those ingredients to dry strands and hoping for the best. We have tried and tested so many natural hair growth supplements (and trust us- there’s a lot!) and we’ve narrowed our favourites down to five. Read on for our list of the very best supplements for hair growth, and the answers to all your hair supplement questions.

Do hair growth vitamins and supplements actually work?

There are so many hair growth vitamins and supplements out there now, so to ensure you’re investing in a product that really works it’s important to have a thorough look at the ingredients. We’ve found the best results come from natural hair supplements that contain either biotin and other B group vitamins, plant-proteins, calcium and amino acids- or a combination of the above! The great thing about hair growth supplements is that, unlike a shampoo or conditioner, you’re delivering these nutrients to your entire body rather than just your hair, so you’re working to boost your overall health, too.

What are the benefits of biotin for skin and hair?

Biotin, or Vitamin B7, is one of the most popular vitamins for hair growth. This is because biotin has the ability to help improve the body’s keratin infrastructure, with keratin being a protein that makes up the hair, skin and nails. It’s also been reported that biotin can increase the rate of follicle growth, making it particularly helpful for those suffering from both hair thinning and hair loss. When should you start taking (and using!) biotin? One of the great things about Vitamin B7 is that it’s actually bioavailable in many foods, so it’s safe to take as soon as you wish to. Most of us consume enough biotin through our diet courtesy of foods like organ meats, eggs, fish, seeds, nuts and vegetables like sweet potato, but if you’re looking to boost your biotin intake through a natural health supplement, there’s no time like the present!

Can you take hair growth supplements to combat pregnancy hair loss?

If you’re ever unsure about making a change to your diet and health routine, it’s always best to speak with your doctor- and this is particularly important during pregnancy. That said, some women find that they are deficient in biotin during pregnancy, so it’s quite common for pregnant women to take supplements containing biotin and folic acid to help combat pregnancy hair loss and to support a healthy baby.

What are the best natural hair growth supplements?

1. Apotecari Mane Event Intensive Hair Growth
Apotecari’s Mane Event supplement is one of our favourite natural hair growth remedies, as it has been formulated by naturopaths and trichologists to promote strand growth and condition from within thanks to vegan sources of amino acids, herbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Apotecari was founded in Bondi following a confidence-destroying hair catastrophe, with all products made here in Australia.

Apotecari hair growth

2. Apotecari Crowning Glory Scalp and Hair Health
Another beautiful hair growth supplement from Apotecari, the Crowning Glory capsules have been formulated to deeply nourish and calm the scalp from within to restore hydration, fight frizz, reduce scalp irritation and protect the hair and scalp from environmental stressors.

Apotecari hair supplements

3. Apotecari Hair Food
A great supplement for those who prefer a powder to a tablet or capsule, Apotecari’s Hair Food has a beautiful berry flavour and works to improve follicle health and strand strength in men and women of all hair types and all life stages.

Apotecari Hair Food

4. Supercharged Food Super Nourished Hair, Skin, Nails
A collaboration between Nourished Life and Supercharged Food, Super Nourished is a delicious berry flavoured collagen beauty supplement formulated to enhance your hair, skin and nail health thanks to a blend of naturopath-grade Diatomaceous Earth plus Marine Collagen.

Earth & Sea Beauty

5. Earth and Sea Beauty Silica + Iodine & Iron Capsules
Another Australian made hair-growth favourite, these natural capsules contain 100% Australian sourced Silica with Iodine derived from Southern Tasmanian Kelp to promote healthy hair, skin and nails as well as supporting strong bones and teeth.

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