Irene Falcone Wellness Awards Winners!

You all know Irene Falcone very well by now, and obviously, we couldn’t do our 2021 Wellness Awards without her as a judge!

Irene started Nourished Life to give us natural alternatives to mainstream products, and lives and breathes all things clean and natural. She is truly our biggest advocate and an absolute champion for helping people transition to cleaner and greener products. Irene knows every single product on our platform like the back of her hand so we’re so excited to share her top picks across a number of categories.

Find below what are Irene’s absolute faves and wellness awards winners…

Resparkle Natural All Purpose Cleaning Kit as Best Cleaning Product

Mukti Bioactive Collagen Booster as Best Ingestible Collagen

100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream as Best Eye Treatment

Wellness Awards Irene

Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil Best Facial Serum/Oil as Best Facial Serum/Oil

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste as Best Natural Deodorant

100% Pure Niacinamide Boost Concentrated Treatment as Most Innovative Product

Shop all the wellness awards winners here.

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